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Company Vision

Oikosynthesis Kolovos is growing!

Our vision is to contribute in every way to a better quality of life and at the same to reduce expenses through energy effecient houses and buildings.

Our basic principle is designing and constructing houses and buildings by using eco-friendly construction methods and materials.

We plan, design and present to our customers, in collaboration with our certified associates, ideas for energy effecient houses and buildings.

At Oikosynthesis Kolovos we do not cut corners. We follow the application instructions exactly as specified by the manufacturers of the construction materials. These manufacturers specialize in materials that are safe, non-toxic, energy efficient, provide fire protection and will last for years to come.

At Oikosynthesis Kolovos we follow the latest developments concerning modern housing by using innovative materials that energy proof the modern house and we also provide certifications of authenticity for those materials.

Our presence in the market dates back to 1964. We have experience in houses and office buildings so we can renovate existing buildings into energy effecient ones according to the Greek Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (KENAK).

Our values at Oikosynthesis Kolovos focus on tradition and family. During the tough financial times we are in, using our professional integrity, we innovate and at the same time we act with sensitivity and compassion, placing people above all, while we work with zeal for our customers.

At Oikosynthesis Kolovos we support family values thus we strive to stay on top of the latest building methods and continously seek to offer the latest innovations, products and services.

Our company focuses on four goals:
  • Based on the experience of Oikosynthesis Kolovos we provide products and services of higher quality.
  • We uphold the environmental laws in the urban and rural areas concerning energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases with our aim being the protection of the environment.
  • We upgrade and renovate existing houses or sections of houses in the exterior or interior as well as the surrounding area of the house.
  • At Oikosynthesis Kolovos we give value to the property whether business or residential and we offer our services to supervise or manage the property, house or building in case of rental or maintenance work.