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Ecology and Energy Efficient Houses

P3240415There is no better place than home to start a new environmentally conscious life...

Our new eco-friendly suggestion is the Oikosynthesis Kolovos rural house.

The Oikosynthesis Kolovos rural house is designed based on the principle of bioclimatic architecture. It's design and goal is to improve the use of natural resources, leading to an overall reduction of energy consumption.


P3240413The olive trees in the area surrounding the house maintain the traditional character. There is also room for a complete system of solid and liquid watste management, which is based on the principle of waste reduction, recycling, and composting organic waste right at their souce.

Home composting and production of natural fertilizer is the easiest and most cost effective method. Organic waste from the kitchen can be recycled by placing it in the compost bin. The decomposition of organic materials such as leaves, branches, fruit, vegetables and other food left overs produces compost. The result of this compost is a high quality fertilizer that can be used for any agricultural purpose. This is an easy way to reduce the amount of waste produced by households. At the same time we can provide a waste management system which will include bioprocess of sewage waste.

The foundation of an energy efficient house is the proper insulation of its walls...


P3240423Insulation in the walls protects from the wind currents and saves money.

For the insulation of the rural house a cell type heat insulation is used that clings to the internal surface thus reducing the heat losses that can be caused from overheating or from insuffecient heating, the weather conditions, the wind entering the house. It also provides protection from dust and pollution.


The advantages of thermal insulation

Thermal heating offers improvement of living conditions, ex. maintaining a steady temperature throughout the seasons (Winter and Summer) which brings comfort and certainty that the temperature will not change suddenly due to a dramatic change in weather conditions.

It also allows humidity to pass through the walls without condensation either internally or externally. Cell type thermal insulation allows steam and moisture to pass through (the surface breathes due to the open fiber texture of the material) thus preventing mold and fungi from building up on the walls.


Long lasting and durable materials

P3240435By using insulation we accomplish energy proofing, the proper heating in cold rooms and the reduction of incoming heat in already cool rooms. We reduce the need for ventilation due to humidity and we achieve low energy consumption by using an energy efficient fireplace or heater (which is one of the main energy sources of the rural house). This way we improve our way of living.

The fire proofing in the rural house is achieved through the use of non-combustible materials. They have a high melting point and in case of a fire they will deter it from spreading thus protecting your house.


Proper care and maintenance is the foundation of an energy efficient house

The insulation of the roof plays a significant role in the protection of the house from the summer heat and the winter cold. The insulation also protects from external noises. To magnify the energy efficiency and durability of the roof we also have the forethought to fill the gaps between the main frame and the roof with insulation materials which their thickness is adjusted according to the climate zone that the house is in. The proper insulation of the roof includes the design of a ventilation layer above the heating insulation material. The ventilation layer helps to remove the humidity in winter and the hot air in the summer from inside the house. We also have the capability to design a photovoltaic system that will fully cover the electrical needs of a rural house. This way we create energy efficiency by combining the use of innovative materials and technologically advanced systems so we reduce further energy consumption, ex. We use low energy consumption light units, electronic controls and control systems for automatic lights.
P3120453Whatever you do to make your house more energy efficient will help you first...

Low electric bills will be the reward for your comfortable home...

Specific thermal characteristics prevent heat loss and provide energy efficient construction giving you the privalage of low heating bills.

We accomplish increased fire proofing of the building only with the use of non-combustible, durable materials with a melting point above 1,000˚C.

Our construction "breathes" allowing vapor to pass through due to the porous nature of the materials.

Sound proofing is done with extremely absorbent materials.

The insulation material will not lose its form or shrink which guarantees constant stability of the whole structure.